Safety Policy

It is Almi Tankers’s Policy to promote safety at sea. We are committed to continuous efforts to identify and eliminate or manage safety risks associated with our activities.

Almi Tankers’s goal is to conduct its business in a manner that protects the safety of employees, all persons involved in its operations, customers and the public as well as to prevent all accidents and injuries through the active participation of every employee.

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Occupational Health and Hygiene Policy

At Almi Tankers, we rank health and hygiene amongst the top priorities in our operations. Our outmost concern is to ensure that all work is conducted under conditions in accordance with our health and hygiene standards. This applies to shore staff, seagoing personnel and third parties both aboard our vessels and in our office premises.

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Quality Policy


Almi Tankers ensures that the quality of our operations, the safety and health of our employees and the protection of the environment are the predominant factors in all aspects of our operations. In this respect, our Integrated Management System (IMS) has been designed to continuously improve the quality of the services offered. 

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Energy Efficiency Management Policy

We recognise that energy consumption onboard our vessels is directly linked to fuel burning/consumption. This activity results in a number of environmental impacts, most direct of which are “Consumption of Natural Resources” and “Emissions to Air”.

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Data Protection Policy

The Senior Management of ALMI TANKERS S.A. has approved the Data Protection Policy and hereby demonstrates its full commitment to the effective implementation of the present policy,

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Environmental Policy

Almi Tankers is committed to continuous efforts to improve environmental performance in all areas required by our Environmental Management System (EMS), part of our Integrated Management System (IMS) towards a cleaner environment.

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Drug and Alcohol Policy


Almi Tankers’ Drug and Alcohol policy is in line with the principles laid out by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) "Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol aboard Ships".

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Whistleblower Policy


The aim of this policy is to encourage all Almi Tankers S.A. members to report any suspected or confirmed illegal events without fear of any consequences.

1. All members of Almi Tankers S.A. should immediately report to their supervisors any illegal acts (suspected or confirmed) regarding SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL or DRUG & ALCOHOL regulations.

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Social Media Policy

When we post something on social media, it moves from the private to the public domain. What you publish is widely accessible and it will be around for a long time – the internet never forgets, and your digital footprint can serve as a source for journalists.

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